Sunday, April 24, 2011

Always taking me somewhere new

As if I didn't already have enough unused blogs waiting idly by for me to revisit them, I'm starting a new one. I just don't fit into those other blogs. They represent past facets of me. I'm no longer the health-obsessed raw foodist, taking pictures of every delicious thing I make (although I currently feel healthier and more nutritionally balanced than ever before.) I'm no longer the lost and confused girl who traveled through a year of change, journaling my clouded thoughts and posting poetry of self-loathing, fear, and regret. A lot has changed and a lot is going on in my life right now, and it really seems appropriate to start fresh.

So here it is: my new blog. The current title 'My life is ever-changing' really sums up how I feel. In fact, I rarely experience such a lull in change where I don't feel that way.

So much has changed in this past year. And if I want to look over my 27 years of life, it's crazy to realize how much can change in that length of time; how many different people you become, how many times you grow, how many life changing decisions you make. It's almost overwhelming. But while you can learn from your past, you shouldn't dwell on it. I'm not here to share my entire life story and tell you how I became the person that I am; I'm just here to be me, living life, adapting to change, finding myself, becoming someone new, and remaining who I was always meant to be.

I have some pretty exciting news and changes to share, but I feel like that deserves its own chapter. So to begin, I'll give some background. Just a little bit.

My name is Tessonja Odette, I am 27. I'm a musician, artist, and writer (only when I'm feeling creative.) I'm a sign artist at Trader Joe's with a second job as a housekeeper in a private home. I live in an adorable apartment near Alki beach with a lovely view of the water. I live with my amazing boyfriend, Spencer, and my Shiba Inu, Kitsune. I feel like I finally have the things I've always wanted; my dream dog, my dream guy, my beach apartment, a decent income, and supportive and loving friends and family.

Yep, things are really awesome. But everything changes....

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