Sunday, April 24, 2011

It's a...boy? Maybe?!

Here is my image from my second ultrasound! This was in the beginning of my 11th week, just two weeks after the 'bean' image! I can't believe how quickly these little seamonkeys grow! You can see a big head, and a little hand it the background! On screen in person, I could see the heartbeat, two arms and two legs in the air, and I even saw it move a couple times! It was so crazy. The ultrasound technician asked if I wanted to know her thoughts on gender, if she saw anything suspicious. Heck yes!

While it's impossible to be 100% certain this early (have to wait until after week 20 for that), she said from what it looked like to her, there was a good chance it was a boy. 70% sure, was her guess!

I had no idea I would even have a clue this early on, but it sure has gotten me looking into boy names more seriously. I had barely given any serious thought into naming, much less a BOY name specifically, but now I think is the time to start making lists!

I have no preference for a boy or a girl, but it has always been easiest for me to imagine having a girl. Probably because my only friends who have kids have girls. And I always just assumed.

But it might be a boy! Maybe. 70%? We'll see...

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