Sunday, May 29, 2011

Yep, there's a baby in there!

This week I went back to work at Trader Joe's after taking a much-needed week off for relaxation, and upon returning I started getting comments about how much more obviously I was showing than before. For the most part, whenever anyone would comment on my belly or ask about the progress of my 'bump,' I would say, 'Yeah, my belly is getting pretty big, but it's not a hard baby bump. It's just the fat I've gained,' or 'I'm just really bloated and retaining a lot of water. It's not a REAL baby bump yet.' I was under the impression a true baby bump had to be round and hard, not soft in any way. But by the middle of this week, I finally came to accept and acknowledge that I have a true bump in the works. While it may not be hard yet, it is low and round, forming right where a baby bump should. I truly look pregnant, not just like I've gained weight (or had too many beers!) So, yes, I now have a bump. I am so excited!

Today I had a really healthy craving! I woke up craving carrots and sugar snap peas (an odd craving, considering I've always been impartial to sugar snap peas) so I indulged, and am now eating them for dinner. I was also craving black bean and cheese burritos in a whole wheat tortilla. That was lunch! So while I still get cravings for ice cream and popcicles (I currently have 3 different varieties of popcicles in the freezer!) and drool over cupcakes and lemon meringue pie, I do feel lucky that I also crave veggies, salads, and other healthy meals. I've heard from other moms who could eat nothing but white bread and burgers during their pregnancy, and while I've encountered some food aversions to some healthy foods (like any kind of sliced whole grain bread-- unless it's toasted!) I do feel like I enjoy a relatively balanced diet.

Oh, and have I yet mentioned that my little bean might be a vegetarian? Early in my first trimester, I started developing aversions to meat, starting with chicken. Little by little, most meat began to repulse me; the texture, the taste, the smell. I can handle fish pretty easily, as well as the occasional small portion of red meat, some pork products like prosciutto, and (most unhealthily) processed meats like burgers and mystery nuggets. Luckily, avoiding meat doesn't bother me too much. I was a strict vegan for a couple of years, and found it pretty easy to eat a balanced diet (when I wasn't overdosing on vegan desserts!) and am perfectly skilled in creating wholesome meals without meat. I (and the little bean) love vegetarian meat products, like veggie sausage patties, veggie burgers, and veggie nuggets. And while I don't think any kind of processed food, soy based mock-meats included, should be eaten in large quantities, I do enjoy them a few times a week. I'm really learning to listen to my body; it's smarter than it seems.

Onward, to week 17!

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