Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's a...GIRL?!?!

So while our 15 week ultrasound showed what seemed to be the early forming of possible boy genitalia, our 20 week ultrasound found no boy parts! At first, baby's legs were crossed tight, but she's quite the squirmer (I feel baby rolling around in here quite often now!)so it was only a matter of time before we got a good look. The radiologist was quite flustered after we told her what the first lady had said, since she could find no evidence to support that early guess. She looked and looked from many different angles and views (I mean it, she's a squirmer!)and there were no boy parts. There was, however, the tell-tale '3 lines' signifying girl parts and she pointed them out to us quite a few times.

So it's safe to say we are probably having a girl. I say 'probably' because I have read and heard so many stories about couples thinking they were having a girl based on ultrasound evidence, only to give birth to a sweet baby boy (or, rarely but still an occurrence, vice versa.) I have a lot more fun assuming the gender of our baby; it makes shopping funner, picking out colors, nursery themes, and registry items funner. So for now I will call baby a 'she.' However, I won't get my heart set on this, and I'll accept the fact that we very well could end up with a little surprise and quite a bit of merchandise to exchange. But that could be fun too, right?

Here's a look at baby's other ultrasound pics. How about this skeletal face!...

Or these adorable feet! We got to see every lil one of baby's finger's and toes!...

I just love this baby already!

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