Saturday, July 30, 2011

Paper Projects!

It all started with the desire to create a pregnancy/baby memory book. We looked at a lot of pre-made books on the market, but none were perfect. Some didn't provide enough space or allow enough creativity in answering some of the typical questions. Others had pages that we would have to leave blank (for example, one book had a page to post a picture of every week's baby bump...well, we didn't take pictures that frequently!) Others were either not our style, or were just plain ugly. So, while I knew it would cost a little more to start up, we ended up deciding on creating a scrapbook.

I'd never tried scrapbooking, so I was a little overwhelmed, not only by the idea of embarking upon such an unknown craft, but also by the multitude of supplies I imagined I would have to accumulate. But I figured I'd give it a try, and stick within a budget. I first found the perfect scrapbook. It was a little pricier (about $30) than I had originally wanted, but the cover was impossible to pass up, especially since it had owls on it (one of our decor themes for our anticipated nursery, in addition cherry blossoms and the colors pink and lime green!)I then looked for a large pack of background paper ($20), and settled on one that I liked; muted pinks, greens, blues, and yellows in fun yet classy patterns and prints, including some 'nursery' type characters, like rabbits and Alice in wonderland. It also included some pearly solids and 'fuzzy' textured sheets. I bought some enhancements, like extra solid pastel sheets, ribbon for borders, stick on letters, and rhinestones. Aside from that, I used calligraphy pens and a high quality fine point pen and did much of the lettering by hand. So far, I've only finished two pages, since we still need to print out some pictures on photo paper before I can continue with our other ones. But here's what I've started....

First Trimester:

Our Name Choices:

It was so much fun and turned out even better than I had thought!

This past week I've been working on my second paper project: baby shower invitations! I hand printed a template for the invitation text, and got help from my friend, Sharon, and her superb photoshop skills in perfecting the format before printing them out on colored pastel paper. I then cut them out with textured scissors and assembled them to patterned paper with a ribbon--all using my leftover scrapbooking supplies! So while my scrapbooking setup may have cost me about $60, if not more, I ended up finding all of my supplies very useful! I had a lot of fun with these too, even though they were a little time consuming to assemble. I especially like the fact that each invitation is unique. Too bad the receiver can't see how unique their invitation is! Oh well, I can at least share them here...

I've been trying to find more and more creative ways to make paper projects, especially in the form of cards and invitations. Here is a gift card holder I made for a friend's baby shower:

I've been really wanting to start a little side-business making handmade/hand assembled event invitations and hand addressing invitation envelopes. I just love working with paper and hand-print. Making my own baby shower invites has been good practice! And I'll be addressing a friend's wedding invite envelopes in the next few days for even more practice!

In other news, we bought our baby her very first girly outfit. How could we not? This thing is adorable! You probably can't tell by the photo, but the hoodie is super soft and furry, with ears and a pink bow. And the onsie set has a sparrow pattern! So painfully cute!

And to wrap up this post, I've created a baby website, to help organize things, especially our RSVP's to our shower. Here our guests can go to one place, read all the info they need about the baby shower, and RSVP! It is

I'm really getting more and more excited about our baby every day! While I do appreciate the quiet and the calm and enjoy the feeling of my baby cuddling and squirming safely in my womb, I am really looking forward to welcoming this baby into the world and experiencing this thing called motherhood for all its good, bad, and poopy. Goodnight!


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