Monday, September 26, 2011

Baby Shower!!!

This post is LONG overdue, but I have to admit, it is a little difficult to get myself to blog frequently. When I do feel like I have free time (I'm still working at Trader Joe's! No longer at the cleaning job though, thank goodness) I'm most likely kicking my feet up and relaxing, lying on my side and relaxing, or reading a book and relaxing. Yes, a lot of relaxing, and I NEED it! I'm well into my 3rd trimester right now with only 6 weeks left until baby's due date! Also, I have a loose rib which causes really uncomfortable back pain if I do ANYTHING for too long, including sitting/typing at the computer. So I'll try to make this quick yet thorough!

On August 21st, we had our big baby shower! It turned out wonderfully! Much thanks goes out to my mom, who is an event coordinator/dj, and once her creative juices got flowing, she couldn't be stopped! She found this amazing venue in Olalla, WA called Storybook Cottages. It looked like a life sized smurf village on a beautiful property full of tons of cute, whimsical, storybook touches such as a wishing well and 'shrek island'- a life size, walk in tree house on a mini island! Since I'm a huge fantasy nerd, the venue suited my tastes perfectly. It was a little far (near gig harbor), but many of our friends and family members easily made the drive!
We made it a 'costume optional' theme, since Halloween (my favorite Holiday AND birthday) falls too close to my due date for me to make any fun plans. A few people dressed up! I was the goddess of fertility (my fabulous hair done by my friend Mackenzie)! And boy, did I look fertile...
My mom, dressed as a cute little fairy, dj-ed and hosted the event, playing disney music, followed by some Beatles, and later dance music. The venue provided food including a chocolate fountain (YUM!) and a gourmet buffet! They also provided adorable hand-made centerpieces: real logs decorated with little trees and woodland creatures! Mark Williams from Images with Imagination took photos...check out my mom's blog for a slideshow of all the awesome pictures at the Amore Events website. We played a few fun games. Not the traditional baby shower games, but a photo scavenger hunt, etc. Robert Stevens put on a hilarious magic show! All the while, Robin Hood (my mom's husband, Chad) served wine, beer, and a few tasty non-alcoholic drinks. It was classy yet fun, even for the boys who made it out! My mom provided my all-time favorite dessert, petit fours, while my friend Robin made Owl Pops!
Then we opened gifts, which was so much fun. We got so many adorable gifts! I wish I had the time and patience to take pictures of everything we got, but I just don't! Check out our list of thank you's on our baby website if you would like to read what we were generously gifted with!
What a day! It was long and tiring toward the end, but oh so memorable. I was also spoiled with a work-girls-only baby shower, for a little more of a traditional, girly feel. It was so much fun as well! Hosted by my friends and co-workers Sharon and Abi at Abi's apartment, we ate yummy hand-made treats (courtesy of Sharon!) and played fun games, like guessing the flavors of baby food, and digging through melted chocolate bars on diapers (a nasty sight!) in order to identify which kind of bar it is! And we received yet again, more adorable presents. This baby is so spoiled, let me tell you! I can't wait for her to be born and meet all of these people who already love her!