Thursday, January 26, 2012

3 Months Old

Christmas has come and gone and it's a brand new year! Happy 2012! November's 1st Christmas was great, although she was too young to enjoy it. I am so excited for the future holidays; Halloween, Easter, Christmas, all those holidays that are so much fun for children! Here is November in her adorable Christmas dress...
November is growing and growing more every day. I know I say that a lot, but it never ceases to be true. It amazes me how quickly she learns new things and gets stronger. She is a master at holding up her head, she loves standing while being supported under the arms, she kicks her little legs, tosses her arms, loves learning to sit up, and has become quite the squirmer...but I already had an idea she'd be a squirmer from how active she was in my belly! She isn't the biggest fan of tummy or back time, however, so she's slowly learning how to roll over and scoot. But she is getting better and better at holding her toys!
She is becoming a very playful baby. When she first started smiling, laughing, and paying attention to the outside world, I noticed how happy and alert she was in the morning. We would have 'morning smile time' where I would play with her on the bed and just watch her laugh and giggle. But morning smile time has turned into all day smile time! She is frequently in her happy alert stage and enjoys being engaged with toys or fun baby apps (like animal sounds) on my IPad. She also enjoys tv! It doesn't even have to be cartoons! While she certainly shows a preference for Elmo and Sid the Science Kid, she will also laugh and smile at whatever Spencer and I are watching. Of course, this means it's almost time to save some of our shows for when little Nova is asleep!
This new playfulness has given her a little more independence and taken away a bit of that neediness. While she still loves being held (and will make it very clear that she is done sitting alone in her swing!), she enjoys more and more time out of arms. In fact, I am writing this post with two hands while November naps on the couch next to me! I have even been able to clean the bathroom and do the dishes! She also is awake more during the day. This means I have a little less time to do things like chores or reading, but I do feel like we are establishing a more predictable routine. This makes it easier to go out and about, run errands, visit friends, and plan my day.
Her sleeping has also vastly improved in length. She will usually sleep 4-6 or even sometimes 8 hours in a row! Unfortunately, for the past couple weeks, she has developed congestion. It isn't from a cold or anything, and we are in the process of figuring out what exactly is the cause and cure. She seems somewhat stuffy throughout the day, but it is worse at night, and gets worse the longer we are in bed. She constantly wakes up sniffing, tossing her head side to side, and whining. I constantly have to wake up and either adjust her in bed or carry her upright for a few minutes in order for her sinuses to clear. And when I suction her nose with the nasal aspirator, nothing comes out. It seems more of a dry congestion than mucous. We tried a humidifier and natural baby vapor rub, which worked for a few days, but then the congestion returned. We have cleaned all our sheets and dusted the room too. Our next step will be getting an air purifier since her pediatrician thinks it may be air pollutants. Poor baby Nova! It's so sad to watch her struggling to breathe!
Another inconvenient development is excessive drooling! She is always drooling and sucking on her hands...we may see some teeth sprouting up pretty soon here! In order to keep her cute little outfits dry, I dress November in a bib every day.
And how am I doing? Great! I love being November's mommy. Going back to work 3 days a week has being great. It's nice to have a little break. I miss November the whole time I'm away from her, but it does feel healthy to have some sort of life outside of the home. I came to that conclusion after being stranded indoors for almost a week when we had a snow storm recently! It has been hard dealing with November's congestion, but I'm really hoping we will find something that helps so we can start sleeping through the night again! Another difficulty has been a slowing progress of weight loss. I lost half of my baby weight within the first two months, but now I feel like my weight loss has slowed. Although I know it usually takes a full 9 months to lose baby weight (if not more!) I can't help but miss my old body. I do fit a decent amount of my old clothes, like most of my shirts (if I suck in my gut!) and i fit into my jeans from my 1st trimester, but I don't quite fit into my cute pre-pregnancy skinny jeans. My day-to-day outfit consists of jeggings (thank GOD for jeggings!!!!) and a t-shirrt. My mom got me some new clothes for Christmas that fit well, but I also want to get a few more clothes (more jeggings!) and accessories. Dressing well really does make me feel so much more alive and normal.
Other things on my post pregnancy must have list are new makeup and running shoes. I would like to start jogging, walking, and doing yoga. I took a break from walking since the weather has been so bad, but it seems to be improving. The sun is even out today! I did yoga a few times at home, and also got an app for my IPad. Now I just need to take the time for myself and let Spencer watch November while I exercise! And in the summer it will be even easier to find active things to do and places to go with November.
I'm looking forward to an amazing new year!