Friday, February 10, 2012

November's Nursery

Here are some pictures of November's nursery! She doesn't use it much, considering she sleeps in our bed, but I like having a nice, somewhat organized area for her clothes, diaper changing, and play space. Of course, the rest of our house has become filled with her play things as well, but we are trying our best to minimize clutter! There are still quite a lot of things I want to do, such as add more artwork, including painting something on the canvas the pink light is hanging on in the picture below...
I did enjoy making the artwork in the next picture. I took cards we received from November's baby shower, one of the invitations for her baby shower, and pieces of ivy that I wore in my hair at said shower, and pressed them beneath small glass frames we got from Ikea! So inexpensive and cute!
And below is her dresser (Spencer hated assembling that beast!) with a handmade owl lamp made by Spencer's friend, Dawn.
And here is November's crib with a cherry blossom wall decal above...
And just for fun, and to prove that you totally can hang dry cloth diapers, here are November's cloth diapers drying in the light of the window...
I hope someday I can take some time for art so I can finish that canvas and make even more artwork to make her nursery really look complete. We also have a cherry blossom window valance that matches her bed skirt and diaper stacker, but we haven't gotten around to hanging it. We may be moving in July so it's kind of hard to be motivated to put up fixtures that we will probably take down!

In other news, November's congestion has greatly improved! We got an air purifier, which quickly cleared up her sinuses, but then her cradle cap and dry skin came back. So now our bedroom is an energy-sucking machine at night! We have the air purifier, humidifier, and oil heater running all at once! But I'm willing to do whatever it takes to keep November cozy and sleeping well. And on that note, I am so grateful to announce that she has slept over 8 hours straight for the past 3 days in a row! I hope it continues. I'm so proud of my big girl!

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  1. Tessonja, you have so many good suggestions and experience in your blog...I'm sure that the readers will delight in knowing the 'how-to's' of your informative experiences. I'm a proud grandmother and very pleased with my little great-granddaughter! You and Spencer are such good parents. I love you all!!!