Friday, March 23, 2012

Five Months Old

This has been such a big month! I can't believe my little baby is five months old now! She is such a big girl and has made so many amazing accomplishments. She rolled over...
She used to get so frustrated, trying with all of her might to roll, but finally she has mastered the left side back-to-tummy roll. What a pro! She has also mastered grabbing things. She reaches for toys, shoves toys and her pacifier in her mouth, touches my face, runs her hands through kitsune's soft fur, and even holds her bottle. This also brings about hair pulling, chin grabbing, swatting, flailing, and yanking of all sorts of things! She can sit up semi-propped and is even starting to sit unsupported for short periods of time.
Her hair is finally getting a little fuller. It still looks pretty dark, but sometimes it looks a little auburn (mine was golden-auburn as a baby, then golden-blonde as a toddler, then slowly darkened to brown as I got older.) Her grey eyes are becoming a brighter blue, like her daddy's.
The weather is getting nicer (by that i mean not raining all day) but my lovable cuddle bug is getting heavier, so when we go on longer walks, we use her stroller instead of the moby wrap. I was worried she would hate it, since she is not a fan of her car seat, but she loves it! I let her ride facing forward and she seems very happy about that. She loves to watch her doggy walk ahead of the stroller, and she loves to watch the waves as we walk along Alki beach. I am so happy that it is officially spring and we can spend more time in the sun! Even the crisp, cool spring air is comforting with its smells of cherry blossoms and the ocean breeze.
In less fortunate news, we have been experience sort of a regression in sleeping habits. She was sleeping through the night for a couple weeks, from about 11pm to 7am, only waking once if even that. Then, after our pediatrician warned us that her sleeping-through-the-night was probably just a break, and not something to depend on, November started waking more. For a couple weeks, she would wake about three times a night! Luckily, that has calmed. We are now at a happy medium of waking once or twice a night. We have mastered the 'nap n nurse,' where I just roll over, take out the boobie, let her nurse as we both drift back to sleep. We are still enjoying co-sleeping, but are planning on transitioning her to a crib once she seems ready.

Another unfortunate development has been dry skin and cradle cap. She started getting these skin problems around the time when her sinuses were acting up. Luckily, after getting an air purifier in our bedroom, her breathing cleared right up. Her skin, however, did not. Last month, our pediatrician recommended we bathe November daily with water only and apply an oil of choice (we use raw coconut butter) all over her body, including her scalp. It has helped (her diaper area, especially) but there are still rashy areas popping up, and her dry patches keep coming back. So this month, our pediatrician has us on a gluten free/dairy free elimination diet. I am actually looking forward to this change, and will write all about it later. Part of me hopes this diet will help her, because it would be nice to know exactly what is irritating her, and be able to do something about it without going through further testing. But a very small, selfish part hopes it doesn't...I love dairy and gluten! But I know I can do it AND enjoy it! Anything for my sweet little baby monster!
So this month we are looking forward to learning how to sit even longer, creep ('n crawl?), (maybe) roll over on the other side, and continue to babble. November is such a joy and I can see her wild, wiggly personality come through more and more every day. Love!

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