Friday, March 16, 2012

Special Little Things- Lunch

It's funny how the littlest things can make a new mom feel special! It's easy for me to fall into a boring routine, especially on my days home with November. And while routine is good and healthy, especially when scheduling feedings and naps, it's also nice to shake it up a bit. Every day I've been so used to doing the same things: get up, feed baby, change baby, get dressed, go to living room, eat cereal, feed, change, play, repeat...

I often get stuck in my comfort zone, forgetting there are other things to do; friends to hang out with, places to go, crafts I can work on. So today, I said NO to cereal and went to Bakery Nouveau in West Seattle instead. I know, I know, not that big of a deal, considering we are West Seattle-ites (Alki) and the bakery is just a couple minutes away, but for me, it was a fun little mini-outing. I usually reserve trips to cafes for when I have a friend or Spencer to go with. But why not treat myself just for the heck of it?

So we bundled up and headed out. I ended up getting a cream cheese danish (pictured above), a soy chai latte, and a baguette. Unfortunately, the cafe was too crowded for us to sit and eat (and there were a couple fellow mommies there as well!) so we took it to go. Besides, I had November in my arms, so it would have been hard snacking with her in my lap. It was hard enough to tote my armload to the car! But before we left, we strolled the art store next door. I didn't get anything, but Northwest Art and Frame is always an inspiring place to stroll for ideas. Then I took my lil breakfast home and ate it while Nova played in her bouncy saucer.
Of course, I had to try some of the baguette for lunch! My lunches at home are usually a lack luster, or even an inconvenient event. I haven't been very good about stocking up on lunch foods so I usually just scramble whatever leftovers I can find, or maybe just snack on toast. Yesterday I managed to make a salmon melt sandwich (canned salmon, capers, dollop of sour cream, mixed, topped with cheddar on whole wheat bread) which I was impressed with. Today I sliced some baguette and topped two pieces with chocolate hazelnut butter (which would have been great with sliced strawberry or banana, if we had any!), and two with smoked cheddar and salami. I served it with cranberry juice mixed with sparkling clementine a wine glass!
I don't drink wine much, so the glass made me feel very special! Little things like this reminded me that I really need to treat myself more often. It doesn't have to be an all day shopping spree, but I should think of other things that will make me feel good, like stocking the kitchen with lunches that I'll actually enjoy, rather than scarf down; simple salad fixings, fresh fruit. I know today's splurges weren't the healthiest (no whole grains, sugars...) but sometimes you just can't deny a soft-on-the-inside, crunchy-on-the-outside, freshly baked loaf of french baguette!

My goals for future do-someting-different treats: craft days with my friends (I'd like to dye some shirts and our couch's white slipcover so we can stop sitting on an ugly sheet!), painting on the patio (when it warms up), and maybe try a zumba class! Moms: what little things do you do to treat yourself?

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