Thursday, April 12, 2012

Busy mom, busy baby!

I think it has been two weeks since I last posted! I've been so busy, but have so much to write about! I've got a super decadent gluten free dairy free cookie recipe to share, as well as my meal plans from the past two weeks on the elimination diet! Hopefully I'll get a chance to catch up today and tomorrow.

So why haven't I been writing?! Well, last week, my sweetheart Spencer took a few vacation days off at home, so I was happy to share them with him. We didn't do anything too special, but we did run some errands together, clean, enjoy the sunny days, go shopping, and took November to a library read-and-play, in addition to some good old-fashioned and much-needed quality time together. No offence, bloggy blog, but my sweetheart is just too important to trade in for blogging time!

The weather has been beautiful and very spring-like, which inspires me to get out of the house more often, even if it isn't exactly to spend time outdoors. November and I met up with my friend Robin, and her daughter Mila for another library read-and-play this week. Even though November is by far the youngest in the group, I think it's good to expose her to other children and give her a chance to watch and learn from them. She seems to like it and I'm sure she will love it even more when she is crawling, and able to interact more! I also started taking Zumba! I've gone twice, and bought a 3-time discounted pass that I have to use up within a month, so I think I will be going once a week. It felt so good to move my body! It really was the funnest workout, not to mention the most INTENSE workout I've done since being pregnant! It feels good to leave the studio, covered in sweat, and walk out into the crisp spring air.

And, finally, my last excuse: November seems to be napping less often and usually only for 30 minutes at a time. This doesn't give me much time to work with, but she is becoming much more predictable, at least. I just need to get used to this new schedule! She used to nap anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours with about an hour or two of awake-time in between, but now it seems more like 30 minute nap every three hours, give or take. I can work with that! She is napping at this moment so hopefully I can work on my AWESOME RECIPE post for awhile before she wakes!

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