Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Letter to my Body

Dear Body,

Remember when you used to be thin? You may have trouble remembering, because a lot has happened to you lately. I'm sorry that when you WERE thin, I had trouble acknowledging and appreciating it. I always thought I needed to lose more and more weight. Sure, you coulda been thinner, leaner, more toned. But looking back, I realize you were just fine. Remember the good old days when you used to diet when you wanted to look like this?
Remember the summer when you donned a gold bikini and (GASP) showed your tummy a little? Can you believe that was only two years ago?!
You were drunk, happy, and looking pretty fine. Not a care in the world. But then this happened...
I traded in my curvy yet still somewhat thin body for a big ol' belly, widening hips, and swollen boobs. I traded in my tattoos for stretch marks. I could be mad. I could be regretful. But I'm not. Because then this happened...
You, my amazing body, grew, stretched, and morphed so this little tiny human could grow in you. You built a cozy little womb and nourished this precious bundle and kept her safe and healthy. And then you pushed her out into the big, wide world. You did this amazing feat without painkillers, screaming, or cursing. Yeah, you may not look the way you used to and you may be covered in stretch marks on your tummy, hips, and thighs. But I wear those stretchmarks with pride. When I see my protruding gut, I don't feel embarrassed or sad; I see it as a fading testament to the most amazing thing I have ever accomplished.
November is the most wonderful baby ever and I am so grateful for her existence in my life. She wouldn't have been possible without your sacrifice, body. All the gold bikinis in the world can't compare to the love and life of this child.

My gut is shrinking. My stretch marks are fading. My hips are slowly narrowing. But I'll never forget what you did, body. I'll always remember to look back at this awkward, chunky stage and smile. Thank You!

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