Friday, April 20, 2012

Six Months!

I had thought we were going to be in for a BIG month, but boy was I surprised at just how big it really was! Shortly after her five month birthday, she started sitting unsupported for short periods of time. A week later, she rolled over on her right side (the opposite side of which she's already done). She looked so proud and surprised, and I am so happy to have caught the exact moment and look on her face...
That same day, I put her in her bouncy chair so I could use the bathroom. She's never been a huge fan of this chair for long stretches of time, and is usually reserved for being put in the doorway to the bathroom while I do my thing (now I know why all the mothers say your will never pee again without an audience.) And now that she prefers to be upright, rather than lying down, I thought this chair would be at the end of its usefulness. But November found a way to make it work for her...
She used to look so tiny in this seat! I looked away for one moment, and then the next moment I found her sitting all the way forward! What a goofball. From then on, every time I lay her down in that chair, she sits right up and leans forward. And, as if the day weren't already eventful enough, I noticed November began playing with both of her toes at once (she usually only played with one foot or the other.)
At the beginning of April, November's two front bottom teeth came through at once! My mom told me Nova had bit her while she was watching her, and I assumed she was exaggerating. But upon taking her home, I felt her gums and was so surprised to feel two hard little teeth poking through! The gummy smile is no more! See if you can see those two cute teeth in this picture...
November has become very ticklish on her belly! She loves it when mommy and daddy pretend to gobble her up or sniff her like a dog, especially over her tummy. She giggles so loud; it really is the greatest sound ever. She is also getting easier to make laugh with silly faces. One day I was waving and wiggling my arms while making a high pitched silly noise, and she was busting up with giggles for like ten minutes!
One time, she rolled from her tummy to her back (she usually rolls from back to tummy.) She is even scooting pretty far now! At first she would just scoot in a circle, but now she can scoot backward when on her tummy! This usually happens as she reaches out for something out of reach in front of her; she'll lift her booty and scoot almost a foot back. Even though she is then farther from the object of her desire, she always looks so proud, as if saying, 'Look, I can move! Isn't that cool?' She will continue to scoot farther and farther back until she is blocked by something. Time to start baby-proofing; this baby is almost mobile!
She has been really interested in exploring people's faces with her hands. In fact, she has been straight-up grabby! She especially loves her daddy's phone, and pretty much anything not-hers. Also, by the end of the month, November became a pro at sitting unsupported. She still topples now and then, so I am sure to sit near her all the time.
The most exciting event: solids! A few weeks before her six month birthday, she was getting VERY grabby with our food to the point of picking up popcorn and attempting to put it in her mouth. We decided to start the introduction to solids.
We started with a baby feeding method called Baby Led Weaning which focuses on letting your child explore the food with her hands, and learn to eat on her own terms, rather than spoon feed. We cut up a banana in long, non-choke-able-yet-baby-handle-able pieces, set a few pieces on the tray of her chair, and let her play with it. On day one, she held it, put it in her mouth, and made a funny face. She explored in this way for a few minutes, until she got fussy. On day two, she put it in her mouth immediately, but spit out chunks whenever she bit some. On day three, she ate a little of it, mostly when it was smooshed on her fingers. She seemed to enjoy it! On day four, I decided to try feeding her smooshed banana, seeing how much she seemed to relish the mush from her fingers. She loved it! She leaned forward eagerly, mouth open! It was such a cute little sight. Since then, we have tried avocado and sweet potato, following the 'four-day rule' of continuing only one food at a time for four days, in case of allergic reaction. We have also decided to let her experience each new food BLW style for the first day or two, until she seems comfortable with it, and eager to actually eat it puree style (true BLW enthusiasts never introduce purees, but we think Nova likes this mix of styles.) So far, I think she loves sweet potato the best!
November is such an amazing baby, I can't wait to see what she accomplishes this month! Will she be crawling? I'm also excited to continue with solids, and discover what foods she likes best. We are going to try to introduce a good mix of fruits AND veggies, so she isn't just eating sweet things. What a wonderful month!

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