Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Beautiful Friendship Blooming

Ever since November was born, I looked forward to the day when she and her doggy, Kitsune, could be playmates. With November's strength and mobility growing, and Kitsune's skittishness lessening, I can now see that friendship starting to bloom.

With me as her owner, Kitsune has a high tolerance to 'pestering' (sometimes I cuddle her Elmira Fudd style) which makes her a prime candidate as a pet to an overly-curious, grabby baby! Kitsune takes all the grabbing and rough petting in stride, rewarding her baby with patience, wet kisses, and a tongue for Nova to pull on.

The most recent development in this puppy-love story has been so heartwarming, it's almost sick; Kitsune brings November toys to cuddle with while she's sleeping! Kitsune has always been one to bring her toys into bed at night for her own cuddling pleasures. And the other night while Nova was falling asleep in our bed, Kitsune jumps up and plops her stinky, pink, fuzzy chew toy right onto November's outstretched hand. Figuring she was trying to get me to play with her, I threw the toy and told her to get down, fearing she would wake the baby. Minutes later, she did it again. I thought it was a funny coincidence that the toy had landed in Nova's hand once more.

The next night, I nursed November and put her to sleep in our bed, turned on the video monitor, and went into the living room. I kept seeing Kitsune on the monitor getting really close to Nova and trying to sleep at her feet. I kept whistling for her to come out and leave the baby alone but she just kept on going right back in there to snuggle her baby. Finally, when it was time for mommy and daddy to go to sleep, we joined baby in bed, and found another icky chew animal set upon November's open palm. My heart totally melted! It's now clear that Kitsune is purposely bringing her own toys into bed...for November!

I think they are shaping up to be good pals!


  1. I love Kitsune's play with November, even when she sleeps. He's going to be quite protective of her, I can tell. Kitsune is the best watch dog and playmate for November. The photo of both of them is precious. Thanks for sharing, Tess.

  2. The following evening, We nursed The fall of as well as place the woman's to settle the mattress, switched on the actual movie keep track of, as well as proceeded to go to the family room. We held viewing Kitsune about the keep track of obtaining truly near to Nova as well as attempting to rest from the woman's ft. We held whizzing on her in the future away as well as depart the infant on it's own however your woman simply continued heading back inside in order to cuddle the woman's infant.