Saturday, June 16, 2012

7 Months!

I am so embarrassed that I am only just NOW writing November's 7 month update! She is going to be 8 Months tomorrow! I could list off all the excuses that have kept me from writing: teething, mommy exhausted, mommy sick, baby fussy, baby clingy, guests in town, too busy, not enough time to blog, too much on my mind...and I could go on. But if you are a fellow mommy, you should know I don't need any excuse but one: I'm a mom. Simple as that. Stuff happens (and I'm such a mom, that I stopped myself from saying 'Sh** happens') and sometimes time flies and you don't get as much done as you wish you could. Sound like your life? I know. Let's all share a big, warm cyber-hug in admiration and commiseration of us fellow mommies and our busy yet beautiful lives.

Ok enough, now on to the cute stuff.

We had a lot of fun in the sun. My sister, Alena, and my father (both of whom I rarely get to see) came to visit! We enjoyed a picnic, sushi, and sunshine. My sister took the picture above as well as the next three pictures. Man, I wish I had a nice camera!

My sister and father live pretty far south in Washington, but my sister wants to move up to Seattle and go to beauty school. I hope she does! This has been a lovely Spring. November had lots of time to explore grass and have picnics.

Me and my little Princess enjoying Alicia and Alex's engagement party...

November had a happy month, besides all the teething! She tried a few new food purees, like sweet potato, pears, and zucchini. We started a bedtime routine, as recommended by our pediatrician (get in jammies, read a couple books, turn the lights of, and then nurse. Sometimes we follow this with rocking, sometimes she puts herself to sleep with a binki. Sometimes it takes ten minutes, sometimes it takes over an hour. But at least we got a routine finally!) November was so impatient to start crawling! She would get on her hands and knees, rocking back and forth, but would usually end up shooting backward, to her dismay. Better luck next month? We will find out in the next post...

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