Saturday, June 16, 2012

8 Months!

November is 8 months old tomorrow, and it has been a very busy month! November starting pulling to standing on furniture, toys, and mommy and daddy's hands. A few days later, her 3rd tooth cut through (top right!) She went to her 2nd baseball game (for my work party) and someone gave her a real live Mariner's ball!

She started Scooting forward a pace or two at a time! Yay! And then her 4th tooth (top left) FINALLY cut through! It was so painful for her. By the first weeks of this month, she was officially s crawler.

She is so happy to be mobile. She has so much confidence now! She can even go from crawling to sitting easily! She loves turning the pages in her board books...

She is learning to listen when I say 'Don't touch.' Her 5th tooth cut through (top 2nd to the left)...I feel like we've been nonstop teething! She tried some new foods like peaches, green beans, and ground chia seeds. And yesterday we got approved to rent a HOUSE! We are so excited!

Our current apartment is great; it's bright, somewhat spacious, has an awesome view of the puget sound, a great area for walks, right by the beach. BUT we would like 3 bedrooms. We have enough room in our 2 bedroom but our office area is cramped and sectioned off in the living room. Our musical instruments are crammed in closets. We would love to have an office/music room/art room again! Also, it will allow us to close the door and keep November away from computer cables, guitar strings, and art supplies. Also, our current kitchen is very small and our laundry facility is in the building's basement. Our new house has a washer and dryer, larger kitchen, not to mention a patio, large yard, and spacious driveway! It is a single story house so no more stairs to climb with my arms full! I really can't wait. We will probably move at the end of this month. So my blog is at least up to date. But there are so many other things I've been wanting to write about! Well, this is the life of a busy mamma! Happy summer!

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