Friday, August 3, 2012

Nine Months!

My baby girl is getting so big! This past month has been all about standing. She is standing longer and stronger every day. She is perfecting her balance and is always amazing me with how long she can stand without holding onto anything. I won't be surprised if she takes her first steps within the next couple months!
This month has also been about the big move! November had a fun time crawling around our empty house as we started moving stuff in.
This summer has been pretty nice, which means lots of outdoors activity!
We've had a lot of fun playing in our yard, at the park, and at the outdoor toddler wading pool at the community center down the street! Here is November with her best friend, Mila, in their cute little bathing suits after a fun day splashing at the pool...
Aside from our sleeping troubles, November has been all smiles and laughter. She is such a goofball and is always trying to make everyone around her smile, which is super easy to do! She also learned how to clap, which is absolutely adorable. She also gives hi-fives!
November's sixth tooth cut through at the beginning of July, followed by two more teeth a few days later, bringing the total to EIGHT TEETH! My goodness. I think her canines are coming in too! Talk about nonstop teething! But, thanks to those teeth, November is a pro and eating solids and loves feeding herself. She mostly eats fruits and veggies, along with 'Happy Baby' brand puffs, and those fruit sauce squeeze pouches (a lifesaver for going out and about; she loves sucking on them!)
This summer has been great but I have to admit, I'm kind of excited for fall. For one, I think the cooler weather and darker mornings/evenings will help improve our sleeping situation. Our bedroom window faces west, so it's really hard to keep the evening light (and heat) out, even with blackout curtains. And she gets so overheated while trying to fall asleep, especially since she often gets a little worked up about it all. Also, I love the fall. I love the colors, I love the seasonal food, I love the holidays; and this year the fall will bring November's first birthday! I have ALWAYS been a die-hard summer girl, with just a secondary love for fall, but these past two years with carrying a baby belly, and now an actual baby, it's been hard to enjoy it like I used to. I think maybe in the summers to come, when November isn't constantly in my arms (let's hope!) and she can run around and have even more fun, it will be better. But in the meantime, I am happy to savor the end of summer, and welcome fall with open arms.

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  1. I couldn't agree more about the fall thing. Normally summer is my season and I've never been a fan of fall! I can't seem to get comfortable in the heat and I am SO looking forward to darker days, a warm cozy home, apple cinnamon smelly things and experiencing what it's like to be a mom and living family life!