Monday, September 3, 2012

DIY Nursery Pennants

I loved making these pennants for November's room. Here's what I did, so you can do them too!

First, gather your supplies. I used scrapbook paper for the triangles, cardstock for the letters, glue, ribbon for trim, scissors, a hole punch, a black marker, and yarn. I had a lot of paper leftover from my baby scrapbook, so I used a lot of that. Her room colors are pink and green with hints of blue, so I chose colors that went well with that theme.
Helpful Hint: If you are using different patterns and colors, like I did, plan which color letters will go on which color/pattern background first, so you can create an overall pattern that is visually pleasing. I wanted to alternate pink and green backgrounds, with the opposite color letters for the 'November' banner. For the 'Tigerlily' banner, I alternated shades of blue, pink, and green with blue letters.

Next, take the scrapbook paper, and fold from one corner to the middle. Fold the excess in, and glue down in back, or just simply cut into a triangle. I wanted my pennants to have some weight and thickness, so I chose to glue down the corners.
Next, draw out your letters on cardstock. You can make a stencil from printed letters, or freehand, if you're good at it. I basically freehand letters for a living (sign artist at Trader Joe's!) so I chose that route. Cut out your letters, glue them the the pennant, and outline in black. Next, glue down some ribbon as trim.
Next, use a hole punch to punch holes for the yarn to go through. I punched one hole at each corner, and then punched two holes close together at two evenly spaced areas to achieve the pattern I wanted.
Thread your pennants on the yarn, and voila!

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