Saturday, September 8, 2012

She who must not be named...

I just posted the following in the 'High Needs Babies Support Group' I am in on facebook, and just had to share here too with the illustration above. Silly, I know, but it's always good to turn a bad situation into a laughable one...

Sometimes my daughter is like a horcrux from Harry Potter; if I don't get a much needed break, my irritation builds and festers until I feel like a raging bitch. Then as soon as her daddy takes over I feel better and feel so silly for having been irritated in the first place. Yes, I am comparing my daughter to an instrument of the dark lord.

As you can tell, we are having a 'one step back' kinda night. Poor November is just having a rough time and is having trouble getting back to sleep after waking (can I call it a middle of the night waking if it happens at 6:30pm...just 30 minutes after she fell asleep?!) Ugh. I love the crap out of my baby boo but sometimes mama needs a break! Luckily Spencer is in there right now, giving mama just that.

Expecto Patronum!!!

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