Monday, September 3, 2012

Ten Months!

Yes, I know this is like two weeks late. What else is new?! Ten months brought a big month of laughter, learning, and goofing off. She's really been showing her personality. She's silly and loves making mommy and daddy laugh. She learned how to make a 'sour' face one day during breakfast, and after realizing it made us laugh, she continued to do it the rest of the day. It is now a regular feature of mealtimes and loves when we do it back at her. She also loves making kissy sounds! Speaking of sounds, her babbling has become much clearer. When she's upset, she clearly says 'mama.' She started babbling about 'baba' a lot, and then moved on to 'dada.' Most of the time I don't think she knows what she is babbling about, but when she was learning to wave, she waved 'bye bye' to her daddy and babbled 'dada.'
We've had a pretty fun, active month! We went to the zoo twice! She had gone once before, but now that she is older and very aware, she loved seeing all the animals. When we went to Woodland Park Zoo, so many animals came right up to the glass! At Point Defiance Zoo, November met a real live Tigerlily-her middle namesake-and tried to eat it...
We went to November's 3rd baseball game, where she got to put all that clapping she loves to do into action...
We met up with my mom, step-dad and his mother and rode the big ferris wheel on the Seattle waterfront. It was scary at first for me, but November thought it was great. She even took a little in-air nursing break!
We've been enjoying the summer, especially at the park and beach. November loves sand!
The next few months are going to be exciting; fall is coming, her first birthday is coming...and I'll let you in on a little preview...November is taking her first steps! More on that in the future, though. Enjoy the rest of the summer!

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