Thursday, October 4, 2012

Eleven months!

November Tigerlily is 11 months, and her first birthday is just around the corner! I can't believe how fast this first year of parenthood is going! Anyhow, let's get right down to the exciting news...

She walks!!! I cannot believe how quickly she went from taking her first wobbly steps to walking really well on her own. It's been such an amazing experience to watch as she finally masters this skill, especially since she was always so easily frustrated about being immobile when she was younger. You can just see the confidence and pride on her face!

Other than learning to walk and being super busy we have only a few new things: November mastered waving bye bye (she loves waving to me from the window at grandmas when I go to work), gives kisses (she starts by making a kiss noise and then plants a nice wet kiss on your face), and sticks her tongue out when you say 'slytherin' (it's a Harry Potter-nerd thing). In fact, she has been downright silly this month!

I love that frickin face! Is it just me, or does she kinda look like Cee Lo in this picture...

November's been having lots of fun playing...

Two more weeks until her first birthday!!! We will be celebrating at her daddy's new work, The Wandering Goose restaurant (they are closed Wednesdays, and the decor is perfect for her party!) I started the invites today, so hopefully I will get them out soon! I have a bit of planning and organizing to do, but I won't be getting too carried away; we need to keep it inexpensive, so simple is key!

This is post #2 on my mobile app, and so far I like it, despite how confusing it was at first. It seems to work well, but we shall see with more use how much I really like it. I don't love the automatic 'I blog with blog docs' signature at the bottom of each post, but I don't think I can get rid of it! Oh well.

Update: I just tried to fix the bottom signature and ended up somehow deleting half the post. Luckily, I had my original post open in the browser so it wasn't too hard to re-do but PHEW talk about momentary panic! PLUS once I edited it, I got some message saying I had used too many 'pages' -whatever that means- and would have to buy the full version for $1.99 AND re-copy the post AGAIN because the new version had none of my progress saved! Ugh. I still like the app, but I'm considering it 'on probation.' And I'm hoping I finally got rid of that damn signature!

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