Friday, October 5, 2012

November's first birthday invites

I finally made a few birthday party invites! Since this party will be small and simple (mostly Facebook evite style) I only needed to make a few master copies for the work break room, etc, and as keepsakes. So this was much simpler than the 50+ handmade and mailed invites I did for our baby shower!  

The construction was still the same, though; colorful card stock, a hole punch, and ribbon. These invites are so cute and simple. I cut the large leopard print scrapbooking card stock sheet into four small squares, cut the orange card stock smaller with scalloped scissors, punched two holes at the top, and secured it with a cute pink ribbon (these colors/patterns are her party theme). Since I'm only making 4-8 invites, I am free-handing the text on each one, but you could also make copies of an original or type out the info and print from a computer.

I'm excited for her party, I hope it's as cute and fun as I imagine it to be!

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