Sunday, October 14, 2012

{Sleep Update} 10.14.12

Look at those adorable chubby neck rolls! Oh the things that make me swoon!

Not a whole lot new in the sleep department; she still wakes to nurse every 2 hours, 3 if we are lucky. However, if she wakes before 2 hours, I try to encourage her to go back to sleep by rubbing her back or snuggling her close, which often works. I would like to improve on stretching the time between night feelings, and encouraging her to go back to sleep without milk more often. That has been my biggest weakness; it's much easier to just roll over, pop in the booby, and both fall back to sleep, since that has become my automatic reflex. It actually takes more effort for me to rouse myself fully awake, look at the clock, and ponder how long it's been since her last feeding, and if I should nurse her, or try to snuggle her back to sleep. And honestly, it's usually pretty obvious when she's nuzzling her face into my boobs that she will only settle for milk. But that's my goal; try to snuggle back to sleep (wake my ass up enough to make the effort!) and nurse only after she gives me that persistent nuzzle.

Naps (at home) have been pretty consistent. She has been good about taking two one-hour naps a day. We've had a couple days where she refused her 2nd nap, and it took all the love and patience I had to just say 'f-it, it's not the end of the world' and let it go. There have also been days where her naps have been short or late due to car naps or our schedule getting thrown off but we usually regain balance with bedtime. At my mom's, she often takes one two-hour nap instead.

Getting her down for naps and night time has been good. We never have to rock her. Now I nurse her, wrap her in her soft blankie, lie down, and let her snuggle with me. She usually lays her head on my shoulder/chest and I wrap my arm around her. When she gets too hot, she rolls her head off onto the pillow. Once she is deep asleep, I can sneak out from under her, but I usually stay with her during naps.

The process is usually bliss; I love looking into her sweet sleepy eyes, watching her smile as I sing to her, nuzzling her soft little head. But other times it can take her over an hour (sometimes even two) of snuggling, tossing, turning, readjusting, getting distracted, and waking out of almost-sleep for her to finally go under. It takes a lot of patience not to just walk out of the room and let her cry! But at least it's better than rocking, because I can lie down too!

She has also been falling asleep a little later, often around 7 or 7:30. Sometimes she falls asleep before 7, but not as often as before. But once she is asleep, she is usually out for a full 2-3 hours, unlike before where she would wake up frequently between 6 and 8. I think this improvement is due to the darker fall evenings (no more blinding summer evening sun!) and the slightly later bedtime.

Once again, no quick fix here, just baby steps. Wanna follow our progress? Read our last sleep update, and follow the links in that post for more.

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