Friday, October 12, 2012

We love family

I have really learned the power and love of family since giving birth. And not just blood relatives; our family consists of close friends, too. So many people love and care about November and I am so incredibly grateful for them.

Grandma Mari: my mom is always there for me to help me, talk me through tough times, and loves her grand baby. She watches her twice a week, which is the reason I've been able to work enough to maintain my insurance!

Grandpa Chad: my stepdad was so excited to be a grandpa, and November just loves him! It made me feel really good that he considered November his grand-daughter, even though they aren't blood related, and has only been my stepdad for 2 years. Talk about family!

Grandpa Steve: my other stepdad! He married my mom when I was five, created my brother a few years later, and became a father to me. Even after they divorced, he remained a great father to my brother, and a caring father figure to me. I remember being scared that he wouldn't love me anymore once they were divorced, but its been almost two decades and he is still my dad, and loves his grand-daughter!

Daddy Spencer: it goes without saying that this man is the light of my life. He is a wonderful father, and I couldn't ask for a better partner.

Auntie Laura: Spencer's sister is a great auntie to baby Nova! She has babysat for us quite a few times, giving mommy and daddy much needed date nights!

And we can't forget her honorary aunties, like Robin and Sharon! Robin has been my friend for many years, and is the mommy of november's BFF, Mila. Sharon is my coworker, who is great with babies and adores November. I can't wait till she has her own babies!

There are so many more people who love November, and so many more family members. Hopefully she will meet them all someday, like her Great-grandma Donna, who showers her with gifts, and my aunt Berni. Cousin Brindi, and her new baby Addie, my grandpa Walt, uncle Wally and his sons. There are many family members I haven't even seen is years, more than I can name!

And for all the family members she has met, like grandma Deana, Spencer's dad, uncle Keenan, my bio-dad Eric, and auntie Alena, I will have to work on getting pictures of them together in the future. We love you, family and friends!

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