Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! We've had one heck of a month. I've been a single mom for one month, spent a lot of time grieving, hoping, crying, smiling, laughing, and healing. I've gone from living on the floor of my parents work-out room to living in a new house, in a great big new room. I've gone from heartbroken to newly married to a handsome british millionaire and am wildly in love...ok, just kidding about that whole part.

I'm still healing from my broken heart, have up days, down days, good days, bad days, awesome days, worse days. But I'm doing it right this time; I'm feeling my feelings and working through them. Slowly. I'm so thankful for sooooo many things; for my family for loving and supporting me and for moving into an awesome, big new house just so November and I can live with them and have a real live giant room of our own. I'm thankful for all my loving, supportive friends who have been talking to me, listening to me, praying for me, helping me and just downright being there for me. I'm thankful for my job. I'm thankful for my beautiful, amazing, delightful little girl and all the joy and love she brings me every day. And even though I naturally have a lot of negative feelings about him still, I am grateful for her father for making my beautiful baby with me, and for being a somewhat easy to handle ex-baby-daddy.

By this time next year, I'll have even more to be grateful for and I'll look back on the toughest month of my life with pride, knowing I survived and I'm stronger. 

I'll elaborate more on our newest big move, especially once I have pictures of our new room. I hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving, and I wish you lots to be thankful for!

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