Sunday, December 9, 2012

Goodbye Kitsune

I know 3 posts in one day is a little excessive, but I figure if I'm on a roll, go for it!

A few weeks ago I made the decision to get rid of my first baby, the four-legged one; Kitsune. I loved her so much and she's gotten me through tough times and has been my snuggle buddy through cozy times. But I knew when I was pregnant there would be a chance that she wouldn't adjust well to the baby. Even though she has never been viscous, she is a sometimes skittish dog who likes privacy and space when she needs to be alone, especially with strangers and children.

At first things were fine. She seemed to grow from indifference to liking the baby over the months; snuggling by her, bringing her toys (even when Nova was sleeping Kit would often lay one of her icky dog toys next to the baby!) but once November became completely enamored with Kitsune, things went south. Nova loved her doggy and was so fascinated by her, chasing her, grabbing at her, falling on her. Then she started pulling on her, cornering her. It was nothing too bad, but you could tell it was starting to stress Kit out. She growled a few times, even bared her teeth and snapped. Luckily, she never came close to truly biting, but with our Big Change, it was enough to stress me out to my breaking point.

So my beloved Kitsune (fox in Japanese) has a new home with my friend Josh. He seems to love her and can even take her to work with him! I'm glad she has a home with someone who can give her the attention she needs without the stresses of a baby. I feel bad taking Nova's dog away, bug not as bad as I would feel if she got hurt by Kit. Now here is my photo dedication to Kitsune and the baby she loved/loved to hate.
Kitsune I love you and miss you and wish you the best darn doggy life!

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