Saturday, January 19, 2013

15 months!

November is a big 15 month old! Her vocabulary is growing by the day. She's become a brave little climber and loves slides! We've joined a couple mommy-toddler meetup groups in our area, so we've both been getting some socialization. November loves other kids. Mommy still has yet to venture into the world of dating (Is it fear, other emotions, or plain good sense?) 

I feel like I should start making some goals for my life. Creative things that give me direction. Things like do some new paintings, blog more, write more, start some at home 'tot school' type of project for November. I wanted to meet other moms, so I'm headed in the right direction in that. I also wanted to cook more/better and after buying two new cook ebooks, I've been improving there as well. But I still feel like I could benefit from some more clearly outlined goals. Lately, though, my brain avoids thinking about the future. Which s good, I guess, because instead I am remaining present and enjoying the moment. BUT I also feel like I'm not getting much accomplished. I guess it depends on how you look at it. Hmmm...

November seems to be transitioning from two to one nap per day, which hasn't been easy. She's so cranky in the morning before her nap and in the evenings, and is often a screaming pain to get to bed. But hopefully, once her body accepts the transition, things will get easier! We've had a few decent nights where she sleeps a long stretch (which for us is only about five hours) but always wakes hourly for milk after 3 or 4 until wake up time around 6. On the other hand, she sleeps perfectly well on the one night she stays with her dad! I blame my comforting boobs for waking her up.

My grandma is visiting this weekend, and November is meeting her for the first time. So far, she's been shy but is slowly warming up!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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