Saturday, April 20, 2013

18 Months!

My little bug is a year-and-a-half! It amazes me how big she's getting, and amazes me even more how my arm muscles continuously adapt to carrying her weight. The terrible twos are starting to show just a bit in the form of mild tantrums and demands (she's currently obsessed with the show 'Dibo the gift dragon' and freaks out if I don't let her watch it.) And I have a feeling those two-year molars are starting to form under her gums, as she's returned to sucking and chewing on everything. 

Her vocabulary and comprehension are astounding. She is starting to put multiple words together, like 'Hi mama' or 'Papa. Where? Go?' (Where did grandpa go?) or 'hode you' (hold you aka hold me.) I love how she pronounces words like 'muk' (milk) 'so yo' (cereal) and 'onj' (orange). 

This girl loves puppies and gets so excited around animals (like mother like daughter.) 
She loves daily walks, even when the weather sucks. I'm looking forward to finer spring weather so we can frequent more parks and play at the beach. Patience! The weather report looked promising for the week ahead! Crossing fingers!
See, she's already got a summer wardrobe, now we just need some sun!
We had a really fun first-toddler-Easter. I took her to my work (Trader Joe's) in the morning for an Easter egg hunt. She was shy at first as we were waiting outside the door with the other kids, and I was worried she wouldn't let me put her down. But she started getting excited, and asked to be put down just before the doors opened to let the kids in. I was so impressed with how well she participated! She definitely had a little help from her friends (my co-workers and I would point out where to look) but she totally got the idea that the eggs go in the basket. Of course, there were a few minutes where she tried to fill her basket with candy bars from the shelf. My little Easter baby even found one if ten golden eggs that earned her a prize basket. She MAY have had some help finding it, but she at least grabbed it herself.

What else is new over the past couple months? Just loving life, having a great time, and being happy!

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