Friday, June 21, 2013

Sammamish home bedroom

Finally, some pictures of our current nursery/bedroom! For those of you who don't know, November and I have been living with my parents since last October. In November, they rented a beautiful home in sammamish and let us rent out the huge bonus room as our bedroom. It's lovely and spacious and bright. There is plenty of room for my bed, her crib, our closet, dressers, and toys. Like always, I feel a lack of art on the walls but I'm pretty happy with the colors and decorating we've achieved on zero budget. It may not be one of those fancy Pinterest-worthy rooms, but it is our room, it's cozy, and we love it!

I think we've made a good use of space! In other residential news, I'm actually planning on moving in the next couple months, preferably around August 1st. Don't get me wrong; I love living here, I love being close to family, November loves having easy, frequent access to grandma and grandpa; I absolutely love this house, I've always wanted to grow up in a place like this. But here's what I'm learning; I've GROWN up. This is the house my child and teen self are in love with. My current self belongs in Seattle. I love Issaquah, I love working here, I love the fresh air, I love the mountain greenery, I love visiting here. But I'm a Seattle-ite at heart. I love being close to my favorite beaches and parks. I love being in walking distance to my favorite shops. It's where I most enjoy living. And as much as I love getting to see my family every day, there is a part of me that craves independence and my own control over my space and quiet when I want it. I'm in no way desperate; my situation is comfortable and enjoyable. But moving out is a goal of mine, and if the universe flows this dream into my life, I'll take it! So look forward to yet another nursery set-up in the future!


19/20 months!

My little toddler is sprouting like a weed! The sun is finally (mostly) here so we have been enjoying lots of walks, outdoor play, and even some beach time. Life is great, full of laughter, love, and fun. We are making goals and working on manifesting our dreams. Awesomeness (even more than we already have) is on the horizon! 
November already knows how to look fabulous for the summer!
Still not a lot of hair, but I assure you, she's growing a curly mini-mullet under that hat!

Her development this year seems to be a steady increase in mobility, independence, and vocabulary. It amazes me what a happy, fun toddler she is. It surprises me that she used to be so high-needs! Remember that? I used to never be able to put her down and she was easily fussy. She used to be difficult to take in public. How did my fussy baby turn into such a sweet, easy toddler? Did her mobility and development cheer her up? Am I just adapting? Is my own happiness rubbing off on her? It's hard to say, but whatever the case, life is lovely.

I admit, the more involved and attentive I am, the more content she is (duh!) Another thing that has helped transition into the toddler days, is the book 'the Happiest Toddler on the Block' by Dr. Harvey Karp. There was a time a few months ago where Nova was starting to fuss and full-out tantrum. I had no idea what to do. Then I read this book and couldn't believe that his methods actually prevented tantrums from happening in the first place! As soon as I became comfortable with his method, which has a lot to do with repeating your child so that they feel heard, tantrums stopped. This method is so great, I use it all the time and it has made our relationship even better. I can't recommend it enough, it's a must-read, especially for fans of attachment parenting and for parents who prefer preventative measures as opposed to punishment or physical discipline.

Happy summer!