Monday, September 2, 2013

End of summer 2013

It's been a really long time, I know. We had a busy few months, looking for an apartment for me and November, and then packing and moving. There was also a lot of excitement surrounding the wedding of my friend Sharon to her husband Kevin, especially since I was a bridesmaid. I'd previously never had much recent experience with weddings and the events leading up to them, and I had never been in a wedding, save as a flower girl. But the wedding was beautiful and I am so excited for the new couple! November had a blast as well. She literally danced the night away, and even made some friends with the other little girls. I had never seen her act so friendly so quickly and easily before! It was incredibly heartwarming.
November has been full of even more surprises. She counts to ten, talks even more, is fully fitting into size 2, sometimes even 3! Our conversations crack me up, and really brighten my day. Nearing 2, she is also becoming more demanding and even whiny. But I knew this was coming, they don't call it the terrible twos for nothing!

I had my first vacation in quite some time. I took a little trip to ocean shores and had a lovely, peaceful time. Those waves are amazing over there. It's hard to come back to the beaches at Alki and golden gardens after seeing the wild, huge waves on the coast.
I brought November back a stuffed seal that she sleeps with every night.
And we did end up finding a new apartment! We got a nice, cozy one bedroom, the perfect size for a mom and baby. The spaces are pretty small but I feel like I've done a good job of making the best out of them. Pictures soon! One small setback, I have yet to get Internet at my apartment, which has made my time spent online very slim. In some cases, that's great. Who couldn't use more time away from the bright screens of our modern world and get back into real life? But there are some things that are just impossible to do without the Internet!

Another setback has been in my romantic life. I'd been dating a guy I really liked for quite a few months, but it just didn't work out. A bittersweet ending; nothing too dramatic or terrible. But I did like him, so I can't help but feel sad. Of course, I've learned that life goes on and my heart is big and strong and open enough to get right back up and start over. 

And what better to do when nearing 30 and coming out of a sad breakup than to pierce your nose? Yep, did this yesterday. I hadn't had a piercing since I was 16 (belly button) so it seemed fitting.
Summer is ending, yet we are still having some amazing, warm end-of-summer days. I hope they keep up, but I'm also excited for fall; boots, scarves, warm drinks, cuddling, bright leaves. Thats all for now!