Friday, October 11, 2013

Accidental pacifier weaning!

The unthinkable has happened, unplanned and unexpectedly...

November is weaned the the binky! I had been hoping for this day, but wasn't sure how it would really unfold. I had been plotting subtle ways to make it disappear, trying to 'forget' it when we went for car rides. But it turns out, all I had to do was...nothing.

While at grandma's house last Sunday, she bit the tip off her binky, like she had done so many other times. If it had happened at home, I would have given her a new one. But at grandma's, she had no choice but to go without. I was so nervous how she'd act on the car ride home, but she napped the whole time. She asked for it when she woke up, so I showed her and said, "it's broken, remember?" She took it, and put it back down, and went about the rest of our day.

I decided to give it a trial run overnight. When she asked for it in bed, I gave it to her and she tried to suck on it. Frustrated, she put it down and tossed and turned herself to sleep. And she's been fine without it ever since! She's been falling asleep without it a little easier every night. I admit, it's a little harder for her to fall back asleep if she wakes early, but I know she'll get used to it just fine.

It's amazing, I never thought she could be this easy without her binky! Whenever she asks for it, I just remind her it's broken, and she says, "it broken! Threw away!" Happily, even. Who woulda thought?!

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