Saturday, November 16, 2013

Dance Party

Tonight I was on the phone while I was hanging out with November. She was being so sweet, quiet and patient for such a long time, but let me know when she was needing my attention by gracefully throwing her toy boxes on the floor. I ended my conversation and turned all my attention to her. She was in an adorably playful mood, so we decided to have a dance party. 

We put on an iTunes Radio station, I started dancing like a creepy weirdo, and November started spinning in circles shouting, "Dance! Party!" She spun round and round until she got so dizzy that she couldn't walk, after which I picked her up and danced with her all over the living room. We were both laughing like crazy while she mimicked my 'raise the roof' and techno beat 'oonts, oonts' noise (you know the one I mean.) Her face was so filled with joy as we played together, danced together, and laughed together. 

It's moments like that where I am so grateful for my blessed life.

I never thought I would be able to handle being a single mom, not emotionally, physically, or financially. I never thought I could do this on my own. I never thought I could give November a satisfactory life parenting alone. But our lives are more than satisfactory, they are abundant.

Our lives are overflowing with love.

Our lives are overflowing with special moments, living room dance parties, hide-and-seek, and loving cuddles. We have our little routines, our special way of enjoying things. Being a single mom may be hard, but it has given me this amazing opportunity to focus so much of my attention on her, and enjoy these beautiful, personal moments.

It's just a reminder that God's plan for my life is great. Endings turn into new opportunities, new blessings, new lessons. I trust the road ahead, it is sure to be great. And I am so amazed and grateful.

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