Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Smile more

I was reminded in my review this week at work to smile more with customers. I tend to be mild with my smiles, especially when I'm low on energy (November and I have both had a cold lately), which I'm sure affects my outward persona to others. Today I tried to be more conscious of my smiles and exchanges with customers when at the register. One little Asian lady in particular got a big genuine smile (old little Asian ladies tend to bring that out) from me when I asked about her day. She said it was great, especially after seeing my smile. I was so taken back by her noticing exactly what I was consciously working on, that all I could do was giggle and say, 'awesome!' And then she told me I really do have a very pleasant smile. I thanked her, and of course smiled again. Lesson learned, people really do respond to kindness, genuine smiles, and connection. Whether you are serving someone at work, being served, or just crossing paths, a smile, or the acknowledgment of a smile can really change someone's day, or even your own. So smile more. At old Asian ladies, parents, babies, puppies, that cranky old dude who complains about the 5 cent bag fee, the distracted woman on the phone during her entire transaction, your barista, your neighbor, the Real Change guy, your kids, loved ones, and the people you kinda want to punch. Just try it.
When November isn't giving the stink-eye, her smiles are quite charming.