Friday, April 4, 2014

An ever-changing bedroom

With the addition of new paintings, our bedroom has slowly started coming together, taking on life and color (despite being in a likely-short-term rental apartment.) I wanted to post some pictures of what is probably our completed bedroom. This is the art wall above the bed, complete with my newest animal silhouettes paintings for November (available to but here.)
Did I ever mention just how tiny our apartment is? It's basically a large studio with a huge built in closet separating the sleeping area from the rest of the spaces. We use a curtain as a door (I'll eventually take pics of the rest!) But, despite being so small, it's quite charming and I've managed our spaces well. November's crib is side-carred to my bed, which is both a space saver, and due to the fact that she still likes to sleep with mommy.
Here is the wall opposite the bed with my DIY cork board jewelry display.
And here's a closer look at my newest set of paintings:
November loves her new paintings! She has so much fun naming the animal silhouettes every morning. Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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