Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mini Dining Room Makeover!

Have I mentioned I live in a very small apartment? It's the perfect size for a single mommy and her daughter, even though it can get crowded at times.

One part of our house that started feeling too small for comfort was the dining room. The dining room is literally right outside the kitchen, and is only a few feet away from the front door. We don't have a lot of room to work with! It wasn't a problem when it was just the two of us; there was room for me, her high-chair, and one adult guest. But what about more guests? What about a little friend for November as a dinner guest?

Solution: Ditch the high-chair and bring on the kids' table!

I found our totally cute table at Ikea for only $19.99! It barely took up more room than the big chair her high-chair was sitting on, so I only had to move the dining table over a little bit. Now we have room for two children and two adult guests on a regular basis, as well as makeshift ability to accommodate a third adult if needed. It isn't much, but it sure is an improvement over our crowded dining room for two!

And, of course, I had to make a cute painting to go above the little table. I'll have to add the set to my Etsy store someday :)

How do you make use of small spaces?

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