Friday, September 26, 2014

NEW Digital Listings on Etsy!
My little Etsy store is slowly growing! I've finally done something I've wanted to do for a long time: I've reproduced many of my physical paintings into digital files! These files can be purchased by buyers on Etsy, which are then emailed to the buyer for instant download. These are great for people who like the convenience of printing things at home, want multiple prints, and want to save money. My store is currently far from being a money making enterprise (a mommy can dream, right?) but I'm really excited at how much more accessible my store can be by offering digital download printables.
I have many more ideas that I'm slowly working on, for my Etsy store and elsewhere. Finally purchasing a laptop and having access to photoshop has helped tremendously, and I'm hoping it will help me be more consistent at keeping up with my blog (insert guilty smile and blush here.) Stay tuned for my next projects!

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