Thursday, October 9, 2014

DIY Cork Board Makeover {with Scrapbook Paper}

Here is a super simple and fun little project November and I did together (along with another cork board project I'll be posting about soon!)

All you need is an ugly, old cork board (or a new one, like this one, as my previous cork board had been requisitioned for the other above-mentioned project), some scrapbook paper, glue, and whatever you choose to pin to your newly improved board!

I picked out three different patterns of scrapbook paper that I thought looked nice together, arranged them to cover the entire surface of the cork, and glued them to the board. I set out my arrangement first, deciding which papers I wanted in the background, and which one I wanted primarily in the foreground, so I could work from the bottom layer up when gluing, and giving it a nice over-lapping look. When I glued the sheets down, I did so lightly, just lining around the edges. That way, when I want to change the papers and color scheme, I can tear the old ones off with minimal effort and update them anew!

I wanted this cork board to be practical, yet 'neat' so I chose only a few important items to pin. I mainly wanted it as a bright and organized way to display my calendar. I accented this with a few cute little cards (and some important receipts for practicality lol.)

What in your home could use a makeover?

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