Sunday, October 12, 2014

DIY Weather Board with Free Printables! {Homeschool Preschool projects}

I mentioned in my DIY cork board makeover post that I was going to share another cork board project, and here it is!

When I decided we were going to start doing preschool activities at home, a weather board felt like a must-have. It was so much fun for November and I to make together, and she loves helping me change the date, weather, and letter of the day.

Every morning (when we have time, that is), we check the calender and change the date. I remind her that the season is still fall, and sometimes we take a few minutes to remember what that means (leaves changing colors and falling, getting colder, etc.)

Next, we take a step outside the front door and talk about what we see and feel; is it cold? Warm? Windy? Sunny? November doesn't always understand exactly what we are talking about, and often just wants to say that it's warm and cloudy (even when it's cold and sunny), but it's a good practice at learning about weather.

Every few days, we will change the letter of the day. I'll pick a letter that is relevant to something she's learning, is interested in, or has something to do with that day's activity. I'll sound it out for her, tell her some words that begin with that letter and ask what words she can think of. She doesn't answer yet, but I think inviting her to get involved is what counts!
Now here's how to make your own weather board!

You can make everything from scratch, like I did, by cutting out strips of colored paper or cardstock and writing labels for seasons, temperature, etc, (I love writing things by hand) OR you can let me do the work for you, and print out my FREE printables! I've made labels for the four seasons, temperature, weather, month, date numbers, day of the week, and year.

{Here are the links for my free printables!}
Click here for season labels
Click here for weather labels
Click here for temperature labels
Click here for year labels
Click here for month labels
Click here for date number labels
Click here for day of the week labels

You will also need:
-Large cork board
-Scrapbook paper for the background
-Paper for the labels (either handmade or with my free printables. Use any paper you like, but cardstock works best.)
-Flat-headed thumb tacks (I originally used standard push pins which you can see in some of my pictures, but I quickly learned flat thumb tacks are better, and replaced them.)
-Small or medium binder clips
-Small dry erase or chalk board for letter of the day (or you can use a small glass frame filled with scrapbook paper, like I did. It works great with dry erase markers and looks cute too! I have tons of framed dry erase "lists" in my apartment!)
-Ribbon, if you would like a portion of your weather board into a ribbon bulletin board.
-Letter stickers, if you would like to label your sections, or simply hand-write.

Now, let's make it!

First, arrange the scrapbook paper how you want it. Glue it down to the surface of the cork board. If there will be any overlap, make sure you glue down the background papers first. If you plan on changing the colors/patterns of your papers, glue lightly and only around the edges of each sheet of paper, so it will be easy to remove later.

Next, cut out your labels (either from the free printables above, or for you and your kiddo to write by hand) for all the sections you plan on using. We did season, temperature, weather, month, date, and year. Secure each label with one or two binder clips, and pin them to the board (again, ignore the fact that you see standard push pins in my pictures! Flat thumb tacks are the way to go for easy changing of labels!)

On the other side of the board, secure the reserve labels with a binder clip, and pin to the board, face down.
Hang your dry erase, chalk board, or frame on your board for letter of the day.
 For a ribbon bulletin board section, pin strips of ribbon to the board at different angles, crisscrossing other ribbons until the section is well-covered.
Now hang it up and enjoy it! Here you can see our creativity corner...
What ways do you and your family like to learn about the weather?

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