Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Getting Creative in Small Spaces

By now, especially after yesterday's post, you should be no stranger to the fact that I live in a tiny apartment. But don't get me wrong; I love it!

If you've followed my journey, you know that once I became a single mom, I moved in with my mom for about nine months. Once I was ready to move out on my own with my daughter, I got my tiny little place; a 550 sq ft one bedroom that is basically a studio with a large, built in closet separating the living area from the bedroom/bathroom.

It's great starter apartment, but I've had to get really creative with our space in order to keep things looking organized. I like to have our spaces divided as neatly as possible, even with everything so close together.

The main part of the house has four different spaces: dining, living, play, and art.

Here's where dining, living and art intersect:
See my makeshift bookshelf above the built-in closet? Here you can also see that there is no door to the bedroom; I hung a curtain rod and use a light blocking curtain as a door.
And here's our art and learning corner:
And here is the living area next to the play area. I did my best to break things up by dividing the colors: pink for November's play area; green and blue for the living area across from the couch.
And, if you count this windowsill herb garden I made over the summer (how we built the shelf deserves a post all of its own!), we have a fifth area: our indoor mini garden!
It may look like a cluster, but it sure feels like home! Of course, I dream of moving on up in the world of living arrangements and someday live in a real house with a yard, multiple rooms to divide the separate spaces, and my very own full size garden. In the meantime, I am so grateful for my little apartment, and love what I've accomplished since I've been here!

Get the "full tour" feel and check out this post to see what our tiny bedroom looks like, and this post to get a quick look into our tiny bathroom.

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