Friday, October 17, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday, November!

I cannot believe my baby girl is three years old today! It's amazing!

Three years ago, you were a tiny, pink newborn, and I was a new mommy. You were so little, and I was so nervous when I got you dressed for the very first time in that little yellow duck outfit...
Two years ago, we celebrated your first birthday. You were just starting to dance around that time. I remember you dancing at your party. You were such a happy birthday girl...
Just one year ago, you had so much less hair! You had tons of fun opening your presents, and got your very first bike. I remember your look of surprise when you first saw it roll into the living room...
Your personality has grown so much in these three years! You are still such a sweet girl, but you are so much braver, so much more daring. You love dress-up, whether it's costumes or fancy dresses (we've already been through three dress changes today!) You dance with no reservations. You are now learning to pedal that bike by yourself! I'm so proud of you, and so blessed with every minute we spend together; snuggling, learning, doing art together, talking, playing or having dance parties.

I love you to the moon, birthday girl!
Love, Mommy

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