Friday, November 14, 2014

Farm Preschool Scavenger Hunt {Homeschool Preschool Projects}

This is a fantastic fall activity to do with your little ones! Bundle up, pack a snack, and head to your local family farm for a fun scavenger hunt!

Seattle is blessed to be a city that is surrounded by such lush and beautiful landscape, which means an abundance of farms within driving distance. For this fun preschool project, we chose Fox Hollow Farms in Issaquah. (I love websites like Red Tricycle for lists of places like this!)

To make a preschool activity out of our fun outing, we decided to do a scavenger hunt. We visited the farm's website to scope out some ideas for some things the girls would encounter while at the farm. We picked a combination of generic farm items, as well as some things special to Fox Hollow, such as their ride-able kid's train! We drew simple pictures of each item we wanted them to find next to a number and empty square box...
As they found each item, we let them put a sticker in the box to mark it off. See how proud and excited they are?!
They had such a blast marking off their little 'treasure maps,' as we called them. It helped them learn what things and animals are common at a farm, and we talked about each one.
Aside from the scavenger hunt, this entire outing was so much fun! This particular farm has multiple petting areas, mini outdoor playhouses, corn 'pool', pony rides, train rides, pumpkin patch, hay maze, bouncy houses, and a beautiful stream. I think we adults had just as much fun as the girls, especially petting all the animals. And November got to ride her very first pony!
November really enjoys reflecting on our visit; talking about all the animals we saw, what the animals ate, what it was like to ride the pony, and everything we found on our scavenger hunt. I hope you have a farm this awesome in your area! If you do, you've got to check it out!

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