Thursday, March 26, 2015

DIY Tinted Lip Balm {A Tarte Lipsurgence Hack}

Anyone who knows me, knows that I like to make EVERYTHING. I've gotten into making my own lotions, lip balm, body scrubs, and even perfume. One of my favorite DIY essentials has been lip balm. I'm really picky when it comes to what goes on my lips. I generally hate the smell of most lip balms, and hate the ingredients even more. So homemade was the way to go.

Now, let's talk lipstick. I LOVE red lipstick. But I'm even more picky about smell/texture/ingredients of lipstick than I am about chapstick. I generally HATE the smell of most lipsticks, I usually find the texture too thick and too drying, and the ingredients just plain suck.

The closest I've come to lipstick perfection has been the Tarte Cosmetics Lipsurgence line. The smell is perfect (peppermint), the texture is smooth and light, and the ingredients are tolerable. The downside? The ingredients could definitely be better, and worst of all, these lipsticks have a VERY drying effect on the lips, despite the brand's claims that they make your lips like a million times softer. Lies.

The obvious solution for my overly-picky ass was to make my own lipstick. Making a 100% natural lipstick turned out to be too complicated for me. I'm all about being natural but I'm also all about keeping shit as simple and easy as possible. What's a girl to do?

My solution: lipstick/lip balm hybrid using old lipstick! This is a terrific way to use up the remainder of your favorite conventional lipstick, while improving the composition of ingredients you are putting on your skin.

Now let's make it!

First off, we'll need a base: the chapstick. You can use any chapstick recipe you want, but in order to really hack the Tarte Lipsurgence style, you'll need to add Peppermint Essential Oil for fragrance, as well as that lip-plumping and tingling sensation Lipsurgence is famous for. If you aren't into peppermint, go ahead and use whatever chapstick recipe you like, or even use a conventional store-bought stick.

My chapstick recipe is as simple as this:
1 part coconut oil
1 part shea butter
1 part beeswax
Peppermint essential oil

Melt coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax over a double boiler (I fill a small saucepan with about a half inch of water, and then place a bowl over the top. The water gently heats the bowl, where I melt my ingredients together). Once fully melted, let cool a few minutes, and then add the peppermint essential oil, a few drops at a time, until it reaches desired fragrance. No need to get too crazy. A light fragrance goes a long way when it comes to your lips. Pour the mixture into empty chapstick tubes or lip balm containers, and then cool in fridge until solid.

Now you have your base. All you need now is to melt a small piece of lipstick into the chapstick! Obviously, you can do this BEFORE you let your chapstick recipe cool, but I like to make my tinted lip balms one stick at a time so I can make multiple shades and intensities.

So far, I've made two different recipes. One was a deep matte red, the other was a semi-sheer tint. You can control the opacity by changing the lipstick to chapstick ratio. The darker color was made using one part lipstick to one part chapstick. I used a small piece of an old stick of MAC Ruby Woo. The result was a dead ringer for Tarte Lipsurgence in Fiery. (The pictures came out pink, but in real life the color is a deep red.)
This one turned out very similar to standard lipstick, but with a smoother, more hydrating texture. Plus, the peppermint oil masked the less-than-enjoyable fragrance of the lipstick. I love it!

The second one was made using two parts chapstick to one part lipstick. I used MAC Lady Danger and the result was a nice poppy/coral red very similar to Tarte Lipsurgence in Spirited. The texture was light and the coverage was semi-sheer and build-able.
The possibilities are endless! You can do this with many other shades (or combinations of shades) and can change the ratio of lipstick to chapstick to suit your personal preferences! Mix up your new favorite shade for spring!

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