Being a mommy comes with all sorts of blessings as well as challenges.

Read about my all natural water birth!

Being a mommy isn't always giggles and smiles, especially in the first few weeks. I had the baby blues...which turns out is totally normal! So are the challenges with nonstop nursing, lack of about my first few weeks of mommyhood

But it really does get easier! Breastfeeding finally got easier, I learned about ways to get things done with a baby in one arm, fell in love with cloth diapers, prepared to go back to work, and more! Read about life with my growing baby!

Every day gets better! November is 3 Months Old

What does our nursery look like? Well, it's a work in progress, but here's our start

Bouncy gyms, reducing tv-watching: 4 Months Old!

ALL about my experience with Cloth Diapering!

November is 5 months old!

{Ask a Mommy} Can I afford to have a baby? My personal story about my expenses of pregnancy and childbirth

{Ask a Mommy:} Breast pumps: All about the breast pump I use, how I pumped while feeding, how I built my stash, and pumping at work

November is six months old! Teeth, sitting unsupported, starting solids

{Ask a Mommy} Best Pregnancy Books

{Ask a Mommy} Best Baby Must Haves

November is 7 Months!

November is 8 Months!

Sleeping Troubles and The No Cry Sleep Solution

Sleeping troubles update and sleep plan

New house: New nursery!

November is 9 months old!

November is Ten Months Old!

Sleep Update 2

11 Months

Book Review: Babyproofing your marriage

Sleep update 10/14/12

November's first birthday party

The first year of pictures

12 Months

First Santa

14 months, entering toddlerhood

New Years Resolutions 2013 to be a better mommy

15 Months

18 Months

19/20 months

Accidental pacifier weaning

November's 2nd Birthday

Potty Training

Contemplating preschool...homeschool?

Becoming a single mom was a huge change in my life. Here are the posts related to relationships, heartache, and healing:

Relationship trouble, and hoping it would soon pass

The beginning of the end, when things got worse than I had ever thought possible.

Needing more than love to make a relationship work

The Breakup, my first huge heartbreak

Choosing happiness when you're sad

Emotional Healing: Self Worth

Emotional Healing: Fear

Emotional Healing: Forgiveness

The joy and contentment of being single

My favorite technique for relaxation and removing negativity

A Message to Single Moms

Love is a choice

How to believe in love again when you're not sure you want to

My disappointments with modern dating

Finding your own "cup of tea" when it comes to dating

Embracing my crazy single-mom life by living in two worlds

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