I've been vegan, vegetarian, omnivore; I've lived off top ramen, raw foods; I've lost weight, gained weight, and back again. Where does that leave me now? After years of bouncing from one extreme to the other, I am now focusing more on balance, than perfection. Follow my journey through creating tasty meals and drinks, experimenting with elimination diets for allergy testing, and good old fashioned yummy-ness.

My Cooking Blogs:
Tessonja's Kitchen: vegetarian, vegan, and raw recipes from my vegan days, as well as all of my current recipes from this blog!

Tessonja's Raw Food Journey: my food blog dedicated to my experience eating raw foods!

My Recipes:


Naturally Colored Icing made with Freeze Dried Fruits

Pumpkin Pie Spiced Pumpkin Seeds {low car, sugar free, paleo}


Gluten Free/Elimination Diet:
Gluten Free Dairy Free Meal Ideas plus recipes for Chocolate Berry Green Smoothie, Cucumber Mango Salsa, and Lime Soy Crema

Gluten Free Dairy Free one month update: gf df meal ideas, discovering my favorite brand of gf bread

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